20-Jul-2018Warwick, RI(5 miles)Birds for Sale
This is Tango. Tango is a stunningly lovely, two-year-old Scarlet Macaw. Tango is full of love. He is also full of mischief. As a very young bird, he is still working through he beaky stage. Like you would have to do with a puppy, we are working w...
8-May-2018Warwick, RI(5 miles)Birds for Sale
An precious little pair of lovebirds is available for adoption. These 2 birds are bonded to each other and will be adopted out as a pair. If you are interested, please contact us at www.riparrots.org. You can also sponsor them right here through Pe... see more at Petfinder
9-Jul-2018Warwick, RI(5 miles)Birds for Sale
My name is Teddy. I am a really lovable, ten-year-old Blue-crowned Conure. I love to be around people. I like as much people-time as possible. I love to come out on top of my cage and dance! If you ignore me, I'll try to get your attention by hanging by ...
10-May-2018Warwick, RI(5 miles)Birds for Sale
Simon and Sally are a bonded pair of Scaly-breasted lorikeets. These are some of the most playful, inquisitive, and comical birds we have ever had. They are total balls of energy. They are friendly, they love to climb all over people, and they love f...
10-May-2018Warwick, RI(5 miles)Birds for Sale
Pip and Pepper are a bonded pair of Scaly-Breasted Lorikeets. Pip is green, and Pepper is an olive mutation. These Lorikeets are fun, energetic birds. They love to jump and bounce, and they love to fly. They are friendly, loving to run up and down ou...
10-May-2018Warwick, RI(5 miles)Birds for Sale
This is Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm. They are a bonded pair of Yellow-Collared Macaws. Yellow-Collared Macaws are Miniature Macaws. We don't know a lot about the history of these two. They were rescued from a breeder in late 2016. They have been doing vey well ...
They are well trained and registered love to play and also very friendly to other people and pets ,they will come with all required papers contact for more details at 510-999-4924
10-May-2018Warwick, RI(5 miles)Birds for Sale
Mushu and Cricket are a pair of Slender-Billed Conures. They were rescued from a breeder in late 2016. Since we have had them we had had their health checked by vets, and we have had them on a nice, healthy diet. These birds LOVE to eat their chop in...
Syd is a 10 yr old gold cap conure. He grew up around children and dogs in his previous home. He has cats and dogs in his foster home. He is on a diet of pellets, seeds and fresh fruits and veggies. He will step up and sit on your arm. Looking for some...
11-Jul-2018Warwick, RI(5 miles)Birds for Sale
Bear is a blue and gold macaw- age and sex unknown. (S)he is hilarious and has a HUGE personality! The vocabulary on this bird knows no bounds! His favorite phrases are "Hello Bear," and "I love you," and if you sing to Bear, Bear will sing along! Be...
13-Jul-2018Warwick, RI(5 miles)Birds for Sale
This is Ellie and Sarafino! Ellie is a female Sun Conure. She was hatched in 2007. Sarafino is a Male Indian Ring Neck. He was hatched in 2010. Ellie and Sarafino have lived together in the same cage, since 2010. They get along very well. Both Ellie ...
15-Jul-2018Warwick, RI(5 miles)Birds for Sale
Hello, my name is Phoenix. I am a very cute, and VERY intelligent Goffin's cockatoo. Like most cockatoos, I am full of energy. I'm am loving and curious. I love to come out and climb around my cage, opening all the latches. I love to get down and ho...
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